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Furniture Rental

If you are an highly skilled migrant who will soon be moving to Belgium, furniture rental is the perfect solution for your home to be completely ready as soon as you arrive. Shipping furniture abroad or buying new furniture are both expensive and time consuming. With our flexible furniture rental services and packages in different styles, you will save time and money on your moving process to Belgium. Your home will be completely furnished by the time you step foot in the country.

Our furniture rental packages

Whether you are in need of just the basics or complete packages with cutlery and all: our furniture rental solutions in Belgium are perfect for impats in any situation. Our furniture rental services are available for different budgets, with furniture packages in different styles. We make sure that your home is furnished all the way to your liking, so you do not have to worry about a thing.

Our interior stylists have three interior styles for you to pick from. Whether you are looking for a more cozy appearance or more minimalistic. The furniture rental packages are not fixed, adding home items and appliances is always possible, so that it is completely adjusted to your own needs and preferences.

Home Comfort

Home Comfort

An interior style with an inviting aesthetic that prioritizes coziness and comfort.

Hotel Luxury

An interior style that embodies an elegant and minimalistic aesthetic.

Mix & Match

Give our stylists complete freedom to create a one-of-a-kind and stylish interior specifically for you.

Benefits of furniture rental

Our furniture rental service is ideal for highly skilled migrants and businesses who need furniture for a specific period of time. One might contemplate to purchase or ship furniture when moving abroad, but furniture rental is a solution that is far less expensive and time consuming. Our interior stylists are able to style according to your wishes, so that is completely your own style. Rental furniture is overall an easy way to furnish your home, event or office. You do not have to lift even one finger during your moving process and it can already be done by the time you step foot in Belgium


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    Every budget

    Affordable, quality budget from basic to exclusive styles.



    Renting is possible from one month up to multiple months or even years.



    We provide everything needed, from decoration to kitchen utensils.



    We install and mount the furniture and insurance is covered in the all-in costs.

    Furniture rental for employers



    As an employer hiring highly skilled migrants in Belgium, you want the onboarding process to go smoothly. After taking care of a place to live for the impat, furniture rental might come in handy to furnish their apartment. This way the impat has to worry less, can quicker settle in and this. We are committed to finding the perfect solution for both parties.

    What does
    furniture rental cost?

    Our costs are based on factors such as the amount of items needed, period of renting and the number of occupants. Our all-in price covers services such as the installation of the furniture, and even includes home contents insurance. Rent likewise a stylish and ready-to-use interior of high quality at an affordable monthly all-in rate.

    We have guided many customers from all over the world through the whole process of renting furniture in the Netherlands. Rent likewise a stylish and ready-to-use interior of high quality at an affordable monthly all-in rate.


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    Very smoothly

    The installation and delivery of the rented furniture went very smoothly. The delivery men were very professional and helpful! I would definitely recommend TOSS in Holland to others.

    Ruzana Tunku

    How does furniture rental work?

    A completely furnished home in three simple steps.