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(International) Salary Administration

When you have employees on your payroll or plan to hire staff, you are legally obligated as an employer to maintain a payroll administration. This means you need to keep structured records for your employees, generating pay slips and submitting relevant declarations to the tax authorities.

Whether you have a single employee or multiple ones, you need to regularly prepare pay slips for each of them. When calculating the net salary from the gross salary, you need to consider various deductions, such as wage taxes (including income taxes and social contributions). These wage taxes are calculated based on the gross salary, along with social contributions that are based on specific percentages set annually by the government. Accurately and promptly processing these financial aspects is crucial to meeting legal obligations and ensuring accurate and fair remuneration for your staff.

Outsource your (International) Salary Administration

TOSS can handle all administrative obligations towards the employees and authorities in your name. 

    Delegate your (International) salary administration to TOSS, allowing you to direct your attention towards the fundamental operations of your business.

    Payment Service

    When you choose to utilize our Payservice, we take care of not only the salary administration but also handle all payments and remittances, including net salaries and tax withholdings. This ensures accurate and timely payments for your permanent staff as well.

    Expatriate Service

    With expats in your team, Salary Administration becomes more complex. We specialize in this specific aspect of personnel management. We possess the required expertise to apply the rules for expats, with the aim of shielding them from unnecessary tax burdens and administrative complications, like the Expat Regime.

    Single point of contact

    At TOSS, we provide you with a designated point of contact. This means you’ll have a single person to approach for all your inquiries, requests, and issues. This approach enhances efficiency by saving time and reducing potential confusion.

    Transparency and Communication

    We are committed to transparency and uphold clear communication in all our interactions. We believe that transparent and honest communication forms the foundation for trust and successful collaboration.

    International Salary Administration

    International payroll administration has an complex and essential aspect for companies operating globally. It encompasses the process of managing, calculating, and processing salaries and related benefits for employees working in different countries and jurisdictions. Due to the diverse tax regulations, labor laws, and social security systems in various countries, international payroll administration requires an in-depth understanding of local regulations and compliance.

    Our company is equipped to handle international payroll administration as well. We specialize in managing complex cross-border tax regulations, social security systems, and labor laws. By entrusting us, you can ensure accurate and compliant payroll processing for your global workforce. Let us take care of your international payroll needs while you focus on your core business activities.

    TOSS in Belgium is affiliated with multiple global networks of payroll agencies and has collaborations spanning over 50 nations. We are equipped to aid you in effectively managing the compensation of your international staff