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September 20, 2023

The story of TOSS in Belgium

By Pim Bouwmeester

Dave and I got to know each other in 2015 during our shared job at a former employer. Our shared quick thinking and the ability to recognize (new) opportunities quickly created a strong bond between us. Working together was effortless, and often we only needed a few words to understand each other. Although I later moved on to a new challenge, our contact always remained in the background.

On January 1, 2020, TOSS was born from an idea that had been lingering in both mine and Dave’s minds for years. Dave primarily focused on his consultancy firm and the functional solutions for TOSS, while I put the idea into practice and initiated the business side, initially in the Netherlands.

Meanwhile, TOSS was running at full throttle in Holland, and its network was steadily expanding, both nationally and internationally. For many years, I had regular contact with Belgium, with lawyers, legal advisors, payroll specialists, and business developers. Over the years, I also observed many questions arising regarding payroll administration in Belgium, and some of these projects had stalled in the past.

In June 2022, it was precisely the right time for TOSS to establish a presence in Belgium. Through a highly esteemed, now business, friend, I got in touch with a law firm that detailed what was especially not possible for TOSS in Belgium, and in reality, that was nearly everything… Everything? Well, the methodology, knowledge, network, and vision remained the same, but the entire structure we offer in Belgium had to be different. Why? Simply because the law dictates it.

Now, on September 1, 2023, we have officially opened our office in Mechelen. This took us some time, with many trips to Antwerp and Mechelen, gathering and providing information, business development, marketing strategies, and much more. But now we’re finally there.

When Dave and I first met at another Dutch payroll administration organization, we already listened to stories about Belgium but had our doubts. When the idea for TOSS arose, I always had in mind to go global and quickly connect a new country to the TOSS train. That it became Belgium wasn’t just because of proximity but also because we found the right people to support us. Dave and I often looked at each other after a meeting with a Belgian party and said, “These people are even more enthusiastic than we are.” And believe me, if you know us, we’re naturally quite enthusiastic.

TOSS in Belgium is a reality, and we’re going for it. From Mechelen, we will approach new clients, learn more about regulations and legislation, make new contacts, and embark on new adventures. While we were already quite well-known in the Netherlands due to our personal reputation, we’re starting from scratch in Belgium. With our high-quality service, as we already provide in the Netherlands and for which we receive much appreciation, we aim to offer a quick and easy solution for all parties involved.

Feel free to visit our Dutch website, but most importantly, reach out to us to discuss TOSS in Belgium, brainstorm, or perhaps even become a client!