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Global hiring
and working in Belgium.

We assist professionals from all around the world through the whole process of living and working in Belgium being it as an employee of TOSS in Belgium on outsources ICT projects or being hired as permanent staff of a Belgian business directly.  

Profile matching - We find the right match between companies and expats

With our Profile Matching service, we match highly skilled professionals with employers across the world. We do this by using our recruiter platform Where we match our profiles to open vacancies.

Would you like to live and work in Europe? Then upload your CV here and we will find the right match for your profile.

Looking for an IT profile? Let us know exactly what profile you need and we will match you with the right candidate!

Hasslefree hiring - Hire global talent without complex administration

Through our hasslefree hiring service, employers can hire highly skilled professionals from anywhere in the world without having to worry about the complex administration.

We make the hiring process hasslefree by taking over all employment-related administration such as salary administration, complying with local laws and regulations, converting currency, and handling taxes and other deductions specific to each country.

TOSS Coach - We coach and assist expats in emigrating and settling in the country

As The One Stop Shop, our help goes beyond matching employers to professionals and providing hasslefree hiring on a global scale. With our TOSS coaches, we provide comprehensive support to highly skilled migrants locally, guiding them through every step of moving, working, and settling in a new country.

Our TOSS Coaches are there for every step of the way, ensuring a seamless transition for those living and working in a foreign country. Our services include housing, furniture rental, tax preparation, immigration support, cultural orientation and partner support, all things to ensure that global working is an ease with TOSS.

We match companies to professionals

Hire highly skilled professionals through our large network.

Global hiring available for everyone

Grow your workforce effortlessly, sidestepping administrative, HR, and legal obligations.

We provide support with immigration

Arranging all the necessary documentation for employment in Belgium.

Looking for a place to stay

Allow us to assist you in discovering the ideal residence in Belgium.

A warm welcome in a furnished house

We provide furniture rental. The easiest way to furnish your temporary home. 

Tax advantages when you work in Belgium

We provide assistance with submitting the application.

Settle in Belgium

Upon your arrival, our team will be there to assist you in finalizing your transition and guiding you through the initial steps of your stay.

About TOSS

TOSS combines experience within the world of payroll, international business, highly skilled migrant services and temporary employment, with the aim of making every related process as smooth and effective as possible. We offer a full-service package in the field of working, settling and living.


20+ years experience


Network of specialists


In-depth knowledge of local laws and regulations


Offering housing solutions and furniture rental services

Available profiles

SQL Developer | IT Support Specialist | BI Developer

10 years experienceNationality: South AfricanAge:  30+Available: Depending on client needsLanguages: English | AfricanSkills: Coding Languages: T-SQL/PowerShell Scripting / Node.JS for REST APIs / PHP Twigs with HTML Databases: MS SQL Server / PostgreSQL / Platforms:...

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SQL Developer

8 years experienceNationality: South AfricanAge:  37+Available: Depending on client needsSkills: <Coding Languages: JCL, Maven Databases: DB2, Oracle Platforms: Unix, AIX, WebSphere Application Server, IBM HTTP Server, Weblogic Administration, Apache Server, IIS,...

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Software Engineer

5+ years’ experienceNationality: South AfricanAge:  30Available: Depending on client needsSkills: <Coding Languages: Python / C++ / C# / Matlab Platforms: ROS Soft: Time management / Strong communicator / Complex problem solver / Driven individual / Innovative /...

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