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Whether you need to add ICT expertise to your team, or need flexibility to respond to changing market conditions, or need temporary reinforcement for a specific IT project, Profile Sourcing with ICT staff of TOSS in Belgium provides the solution.

We have high qualified ICT professionals, ready to assist various businesses. We have the right staff to meet the specific needs of your ICT project.  You can rely on our extensive database of highly qualified professionals, that will be employed by TOSS in Belgium to make your project a success.

Beyond national borders

In addition, we have established strong collaborations with international professionals in the TOSS network, broading our scope of expertise and resources.  Our TOSS global network allows us to connect your projects with our top tier TOSS employees from around the world, ensuring a diverse and skilled approach to achieving your project’s goals. 

Call upon external expertise and capacity for your project.

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    The art of skillfully connecting talent with temporary challenges, resulting in projects that not only succeed but also inspire.

    Fast implementation

    By bringing in outside professionals with the right skills, project implementation time can be reduced. This is especially useful for complex projects with tight deadlines.

    Variation in perspectives

    External professionals often bring in new perspectives and ideas, which can lead to innovative solutions and a fresh perspective on challenges.

    Focus on core activities

    Focus on core activities and strategic goals, while outside professionals deal with specialized tasks and projects.

    Reduced administration

    The management of employment-related administration, such as payroll, taxes and employment law issues, can be reduced, especially when working with outside project-sourcing agencies.

    Available profiles

    SQL Developer | IT Support Specialist | BI Developer

    10 years experienceNationality: South AfricanAge:  30+Available: Depending on client needsLanguages: English | AfricanSkills: Coding Languages: T-SQL/PowerShell Scripting / Node.JS for REST APIs / PHP Twigs with HTML Databases: MS SQL Server / PostgreSQL / Platforms:...

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    SQL Developer

    8 years experienceNationality: South AfricanAge:  37+Available: Depending on client needsSkills: <Coding Languages: JCL, Maven Databases: DB2, Oracle Platforms: Unix, AIX, WebSphere Application Server, IBM HTTP Server, Weblogic Administration, Apache Server, IIS,...

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    Software Engineer

    5+ years’ experienceNationality: South AfricanAge:  30Available: Depending on client needsSkills: <Coding Languages: Python / C++ / C# / Matlab Platforms: ROS Soft: Time management / Strong communicator / Complex problem solver / Driven individual / Innovative /...

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    Senior Software Developer

    10+ years experienceNationality: South AfricanAge:  32Available: Depending on client needsSkills: Platforms: Windows / MacOS / Linux / Caldera <Coding Languages: C# / C/C++ / Java / JavaScript / TypeScript / Python Databases:  MS SQL Server / PostgreSQL / SQLite  /...

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