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Recruitment Service

Our expertise in Recruitment enables your company to find suitable and highly skilled professionals in this competitive job market, both locally and internationally. We believe that hiring the right people is the key to success.

At TOSS, we go beyond just local Recruitment. Our international network allows us to search the world for the best candidates. We take into account cultural nuances, language skills, and global trends. Whether you’re looking for technical expertise or simply a fresh perspective and ideas across borders, our team is ready to find top talent for your business.

Our Recruitment services are right for you if:

  • You need assistance in finding the right profile;
  • You don’t have time for an extensive selection process;
  • You are seeking specialized personnel.

Need help setting up your global team?

    This is how we find professionals for your company.

    Needs analysis

    We aim to understand your organization, team structure, and job requirements. We engage in conversations with you to gain a clear understanding of the type of talent you need to achieve your objectives.

    Active Sourcing

    Our team gets to work and utilizes a wide range of networks and sources to find potential candidates. Not only locally but also internationally.

    In-depth Evaluation

    We thoroughly screen and evaluate the candidates. This ensures that they not only possess the right skills, knowledge, and experience, but also align with your company and its corporate culture.

    Transparency and Communication

    Being transparent is important to us. We believe in open communication and will keep you constantly informed about every step within the recruitment process.

    Getting started with Recruitment at TOSS

    Every week, we fill numerous job vacancies. With each of these roles, we take into account individual preferences, career ambitions, and company cultures. Our close collaboration with all parties involved is therefore crucial. Through this synergy, we can facilitate swift and effective progress for everyone. Feel free to get in touch with us or let us know the type of professional you’re looking for through the form. Within one working day, we’ll reach out to you, allowing us to discuss all possible options promptly. We’re looking forward to it!

    Available profiles

    SQL Developer | IT Support Specialist | BI Developer

    10 years experienceNationality: South AfricanAge:  30+Available: Depending on client needsLanguages: English | AfricanSkills: Coding Languages: T-SQL/PowerShell Scripting / Node.JS for REST APIs / PHP Twigs with HTML Databases: MS SQL Server / PostgreSQL / Platforms:...

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    SQL Developer

    8 years experienceNationality: South AfricanAge:  37+Available: Depending on client needsSkills: <Coding Languages: JCL, Maven Databases: DB2, Oracle Platforms: Unix, AIX, WebSphere Application Server, IBM HTTP Server, Weblogic Administration, Apache Server, IIS,...

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    Software Engineer

    5+ years’ experienceNationality: South AfricanAge:  30Available: Depending on client needsSkills: <Coding Languages: Python / C++ / C# / Matlab Platforms: ROS Soft: Time management / Strong communicator / Complex problem solver / Driven individual / Innovative /...

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    Senior Software Developer

    10+ years experienceNationality: South AfricanAge:  32Available: Depending on client needsSkills: Platforms: Windows / MacOS / Linux / Caldera <Coding Languages: C# / C/C++ / Java / JavaScript / TypeScript / Python Databases:  MS SQL Server / PostgreSQL / SQLite  /...

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