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About us

Co-founders David Marx and Pim Bouwmeester came together with the shared idea of creating a one-stop-shop solution for both businesses and expats, offering comprehensive services in the areas of international payroll, expat support, and housing solutions. What began in the Netherlands as TOSS in Holland has now expanded to Belgium, with TOSS in Belgium as our second operational country, and many more countries to come.

The name “TOSS” stands for “The One Stop Shop,” reflecting our commitment to simplifying the complexities of international payroll, expat services, and housing solutions. We strive to be the ultimate resource for businesses and individuals seeking efficient and reliable support in these areas. Our dedicated experts prioritize meeting the needs of our clients quickly and effectively.

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Our team

Sjoerd Bazen

David Marx


Sjoerd Bazen

Pim Bouwmeester

Global Sales Director

Sjoerd Bazen

Nie van de Kemp

Senior TOSS Agent

Sjoerd Bazen

Sofie van de Kemp

Junior TOSS Agent

Sjoerd Bazen

Wim van Laer

Business Development Consultant